Insulating Your Attic in Florida: What You Need to Know

When it comes to insulating your attic in Florida, it's important to understand the best type of insulation for the hot and humid climate. Closed-cell spray foam is the most effective option, with an R-value of six to seven per inch. Other suitable options include blown fiberglass, blown cellulose, and fiberglass layer. Insulating your attic is essential as it passes more heat per square foot than any other structure in a house.

Recessed insulation, also known as loose fill insulation, is a popular choice for attics and small, hard-to-reach spaces. When installed correctly by certified professionals, spray foam insulation fills every space in the attic, making it an effective air barrier. If you're building a new home, you may want to consider installing insulation on the bottom of the roof and sealing the attic space to create an “unventilated attic”.In most areas of Florida, it's rarely cost-effective to add insulation to the walls of an existing home. Aerosol foam insulation is best used in areas that are already isolated but need additional levels of insulation to meet requirements or maximize energy efficiency.

This type of insulation has an R-value of R-2.5 per inch and is relatively inexpensive compared to spray foam. If you're unsure what type of insulation already exists in your home, take a sample to an insulation expert. It's important to understand that the way the insulation is installed is almost as important as the R value. To help you find the right amount and type of insulation for your home, here are the insulation requirements in Florida. We offer attic insulation installation, air sealing, and insulation removal services to help you reduce your home's energy consumption and keep the temperature constant. If you're a Florida resident, you know how important proper attic insulation is for keeping your home warm during winter and cool during summer. In addition, for businesses and consumers who have concerns about misleading advertising, improper installation, and other insulation-related problems, there is a Federal Trade Commission rule designed to protect them (Title 16, Business Practices, Part 460, Labeling and Advertising of Home Insulation Materials).

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