What is the Best Insulation for an Attic in Florida?

When it comes to insulating an attic in Florida, spray foam insulation is the most efficient and effective option. With an impressive R-value of six to seven per inch, it is the ideal choice for the hot and humid climate of the state. Other suitable options include blown fiberglass, blown cellulose, and fiberglass layer insulation. Insulating panels come pre-cut and sized to fit most standard building sizes and are best suited for homes.

ENERGYSTAR recommends an R-38 R value for most homes, which translates to about 12 inches of insulation. The choice of insulation depends on the space available, the apparent density of the materials, the ease of access to space, the budget, how easy it would be to replace the insulation if there is a leak, and whether you are building a new house or upgrading an existing one. Spray foam roof insulation is a popular option for insulating roofs not only in Florida but across the country. Johns Manville's R-30 kraft coated insulation is a formaldehyde-free fiberglass insulation designed to provide efficient and safe insulation for wood-framed attics and roofs. Blown insulation is composed of fiberglass, cellulose or even mineral wool and is literally introduced into the space you want to insulate. Thermal insulation requires additional consideration when working near appliances such as electrical boxes, outlets, ducts, and pipe ventilation ducts.

Because of Florida's hot and humid environment, the best insulation for the attic should be durable and, ideally, completely seal the attic to prevent hot air from entering. When selecting attic insulation for your Florida home, make sure that the roof or walls can withstand any additional weight derived from the additional insulation before installation. And while spray foam is undoubtedly the best insulation product, its high cost makes it less recommended for homeowners looking to insulate their attics on a budget.

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